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By David Em
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Travel backpacks are essential because you can fit a lot of things into a compact space that you carry on your back. It makes travel easy.

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1. Aer Travel Pack 2

Black nylon travel backpack by Aer.
Photo courtesy of Aer.

The Aer Travel Pack 2 is a versatile carry-on backpack that makes traveling easy. It’s designed for one-bag travelers and works well for short trips. You can breeze through security and skip the checked bag carousel.

Its volume capacity is 33 liters and it weighs 3.7 pounds. It has spacious storage, has a separate shoe compartment, quick-access pockets, and lockable zippers for additional security.

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2. Tortuga Setout Backpack

Black Tortuga polyester backpack.
Photo courtesy of Tortuga.

Tortuga offers the Setout Backpack, which combines the organizational features and space of a suitcase with the portability of a backpack. It’s made with 900D polyester and a durable water-repellant coating.

You can choose between a capacity of 45 liters and 35 liters. It’s capable of fitting clothes for a week of travel or more depending on how many items you bring. Additionally, you’ll have room for toiletries and other small items.

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3. Nomatic Travel Bag

Black Nomatic travel bag.
Photo courtesy of Nomatic.

The Nomatic Travel Bag has a capacity of 40 liters and is perfect for week-long trips. It has durable and water-resistant materials and zippers, making it great for unexpected weather.

The unique strap system allows you to swap between a duffel bag and a backpack whenever you want.

It has several compartments for shoes, clothes, tech, and your water bottle. You’ll also get a laundry bag to keep your dirty clothes separate from the rest.

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4. Osprey Farpoint

Red Osprey travel backpack.
Photo courtesy of Osprey.

Osprey is a popular brand that’s known for its packs and accessories for outdoor activities. The Farpoint backpack is an excellent choice that’s consistently rated as one of the top travel backpacks. There are two options, a 38-liter, and a 40-liter backpack.

It’s perfect for a weekend trip or going out into the wilderness. The durability of the Osprey Farpoint is good, which makes it able to withstand travel.

Comfortability is another factor that makes this backpack a great choice. Even when it’s filled to the maximum capacity, it’s still comfortable to wear.

Get the Osprey Farpoint from Amazon.


Black GORUCK nylon backpack.
Photo courtesy of GORUCK.

GORUCK is known for its heavy-duty and durable gear. The GR2 backpack is designed to take a beating and can withstand different travel conditions.

It’s made with 1,000D CORDURA® nylon, which is rainproof and highly water-resistant.

You can choose between the 34-liter or 40-liter bag, both being nearly indestructible.

It has a couple of compartments and many pockets. It’s also heavily padded, which means it’ll be comfortable when you wear it and your items will be protected.

Get the GR2 from GORUCK.

6. Peak Design Travel Backpack

Grey Peak Design travel backpack.
Photo courtesy of Peak Design.

Peak Design offers a versatile, durable, and well-designed backpack that fits the carry-on criteria. It’s made with a 400D weatherproof nylon shell, and the oversized zippers are lockable.

If you want an innovative and clean-looking travel backpack, the Peak Design backpack is a great option.

It’s best for shorter trips and works well if you carry photography gear while you travel.

Get the Peak Design Travel Backpack from Amazon.

7. Cotopaxi Allpa

Olive green, orange, and blue backpack.
Photo courtesy of Cotopaxi.

The Cotopaxi Allpa is a streamlined and durable travel backpack that comes in fun colors. The 35-liter capacity is great for short trips, where you don’t need to pack a ton of items.

Its sturdy YKK zippers, TPU-coated polyester, and durable ballistic nylon mean that it can handle the traveling environment. It also has comfortable straps, which makes carrying it easier.

Get the Cotopaxi Allpa from Amazon.

8. Samsonite Detour Travel Backpack

Black Samsonite backpack.
Photo courtesy of Samsonite.

Samsonite is well-known for its travel gear, and the Detour Travel Backpack won’t fail. It’s a strong, all-purpose backpack that has the capacity for quick trips.

The backpack is lightweight. However, it has a substantial amount of space and offers great organizational features. The top pocket is beneficial for storing your smaller essentials.

Get the Detour Travel Backpack from Samsonite.

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